What We Provide...

Cost Effective

Film Digitizing System

Preowned & Refurbished


...and we also provide

Equipment Services

and Systems Consulting

Including expert support for Catella PACS, Mammolux, Rotolux, and Imagecheck Motorized Viewers.

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What we sell and support...

Affordable, Upgradable, Enterprise PACS


What We Sell...

Imaging Accessories

and Supplies

Digital & Film QA, Radiation Protection, Cassette Holders,

Warning Signs, Darkroom & more

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What We Do...

Help YOU Buy & Sell

Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

AMD Technologies: Your solution for your medical equipment needs.

With over  6,000 Products and counting, AMD Technologies is a  leader  in the medical in the medical industry.

New Products

Some say we have too many products...from $10 TO $100,000…but we keep finding useful things to sell you.

Pre-owned Equipment

A growing part of our business is selling and sourcing quality pre-owned medical equipment. We want to help both the owner and the buyer.


Some of you have no experience with x-ray film. Today most images are viewed with software and we were one of the first to develop a PACS system for smaller users.


Selling hardware and software without good service is meaningless.